Monday, 4 September 2017


When Oscar was first born I could hardly believe he was mine.  I mean my husband and I lived quite a busy life, we loved socialising, going on holidays and we did what we wanted when we wanted. When you add another tiny human into the mix things become very different and those days of social freedom become a thing of the past, but what comes with being a mum and dad far outweighs the enjoyment of nights out and luxury holidays.  Nothing can quite prepare you for the instant unconditional love that comes with birthing your baby and that whole in your life that you never even knew existed is suddenly full.

The day he was born, his first birthday, his first tooth, his first day in nursery, his first Christmas, so many firsts and they've all come round so fast.  Here we are 3 years later and I'm walking my baby to preschool!  PRESCHOOL, WTAF?

I've been talking about preschool to Oscar for a few months, from the day he went for his first visit back in May.  He wasn't so sure about going to the 'big' school at first, he just wanted to stay at his old nursery, after all that was all he knew.  I was feeling pretty apprehensive about it too!  His baby nursery was all I had know too and over the 2+ years that he had been there I had built up a trust with them and I knew he loved it so I was happy!

After leaving his nursery in the middle of August he seemed to slowly come round to the idea that he was going to be a big boy and was going to the big school.

With only a few weeks to go until his first day I started prepping for his new adventure.  I bought a whole new wardrobe of joggers and t-shirts, new trainers, new jacket, a school bag and some indoor shoes.  Back in the day we all had what we called jimmies (black plimsolls), so I couldn't wait to get Oscar his first pair, just so damn bloody cute!  The night before he was bathed and bedded in plenty of time and he seemed really excited to be going to preschool.

The following morning we were up bright and early, this was the test run for work days as I would now have to drop Oscar at preschool before heading to work myself.  It was a success, we were ready and out the door by 8.25am!

Oscar was brimming with excitement and could not wait to get there.  His little face was a picture, beaming all the way to the school gates.

Once we got to preschool he became a little shy and was holding on to my hand but after initially taking him in and staying with him for 5 minutes he went off to explore for himself.

I left the room feeling sick to my stomach.  I was so nervous for him.  What if the other kids didn't play with him, what if he cried when I left? Would he manage to go to the toilet on his own? As I walked back home, all I could think about was collecting him.  I got some bits done at home, had a cuppa and waited patiently for the clock to tick round to pick up time.  I couldn't wait to go get him.


As he ran towards me at the door he was smiling from ear to ear.  He told me he had 'such a fun day' and that he'd eaten 'motermelon' (watermelon) for snack and that he'd managed to put his outdoor shoes on all by himself!  MY HEART! It could have burst, I was so proud of him and I was glad that he had enjoyed it.  He's been so excited to go back every day since and he always tells me in the evening before bed that he's going to preschool tomorrow. 

I don't know why but it feels like such a huge milestone, him going to preschool.  I love taking him in the mornings but I really miss picking him up.  I can't wait for January when I can do it full time (roll on maternity leave).  Over the last few weeks, since he turned 3 I have noticed such a change in him, his vocabulary seems to have grown by a billion percent and his confidence has really rocketed!  I cannot wait to see how he develops over the next term.


Kirsty x


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