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As the summer holidays draw to a close in Scotland the kids and (a lot of very happy) mummies are preparing for the start of a new term.  This year it's our turn, our little boy is setting off to pre-school and I am full of emotion.  A few days ago he said his final goodbyes to his friends and key workers at his first and only nursery.  Oscar started private nursery over 2 years ago when I had to return to work after maternity leave.  It was really difficult and I recall his first day as if it were yesterday.  I wrote about it at the time, you can check out that post here.

On his first day I remember feeling so nervous and anxious, I cried when I left him and did nothing but worry about him the whole time we were apart.  However as time went on Oscar grew to love his nursery, he would literally skip into the place on a morning, and very rarely got upset when we left him.  Although he has just turned 3 he met and made some great friends, and became close to his key workers.  Oscar's nursery has really helped develop and shape him into the amazing little boy that he's become (obviously I am bias!).  Initially I wasn't convinced that I was doing the right thing leaving my baby, but I have no doubt in my mind now that it was absolutely the right thing.

Oscar's first day at nursery - April 2015

Oscar was a chubby, baby faced eight and half month old on his first day at nursery, and he's left a very grown up, handsome but cheeky 3 year old.  Oscar had his pre school induction back in May, and the emotions and anxiety that I felt on his first day of nursery all came flooding back.  We left him for a mere 15 minutes this time but he didn't know anyone and it was all new and scary and I felt sick.  He coped well and the nursery teacher said he was fine.  I know that he will be fine, he will meet new friends and these are the friends that I imagine he will grow up with and will become his lifers.  The pre school is attached to the primary school, and so he will transition from the pre school straight to P1 in about 2 years.

I've been telling him for weeks that he is going to the big boys school soon in the hope that it would begin to prepare him for the change but he would always say 'no mummy, just the big room' (the big room at his old nursery).  However when I went to collect him a few days ago the nursery worker told me he had been telling her he was going to pre school.  As I walked in to pick him up for the last time I could feel the tears coming, it's ridiculous, why am I getting upset?  I guess I was comfortable with his nursery, I trusted them and I knew he was safe and happy there.  Being a parent is an emotional job.  My husband had dropped him off for the last time that morning and he said he felt really emotional too.  As Oscar said his goodbyes and collected all his bits we left and I was once again in tears, jeez woman pull yourself together (I'll blame the added pregnancy hormones).  Oscar ran through the double doors shouting bye and was none the wiser, or simply didn't care.

 Oscar's last day of nursery - August 2017

I tried for a good few minutes to get him to smile nicely but unfortunately this was the best I could get. Oscar's not one for posing and usually runs away, I guess these show his cheeky personality.  It's been an amazing few years at Kingswellies for Oscar and we have lots of great memories of his time there thanks to his development folder that we got to take away.  If your local and looking for a private nursery I can't but recommend them enough.

So as one adventure ends another is just about to begin.  Here's to pre school and the next part of Oscar's journey.

Kirsty x


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