Thursday, 17 August 2017


This is a post that I have longed to write for some time and it feels a little surreal that I am finally telling you all that we are EXPECTING baby number 2!

Back in October last year I wrote THIS post all about trying to conceive, It has taken us 8 months to conceive this little bean and although at the time it felt like it was never going to happen, I now just feel completely blessed and so very lucky that we get to do this all again!

I've known about my pregnancy since I was 5 weeks gone and I feel like I have already been pregnant for forever, but now that I have finally hit 12 weeks and had my routine hospital scan I can finally share my first update all about the first trimester.  I will most definitely be sharing updates here and on my YouTube channel, so be sure to hop over there and subscribe!


Finding Out
-  We found out that I was expecting on Father's day and it was a complete surprise. Although we had been trying I really didn't expect to be pregnant that month, as with every month I just expected to be out, but those little lines appeared and I couldn't believe it!

Early Scan - We booked an early scan for 8 weeks, I just needed the reassurance that it was there. We did this with Oscar and it really helped ease my mind.  We took Oscar with us as we were heading off on holiday straight after.  He thought the baby was coming out the same day, haha! If only!

Symptoms - Within the first 12 weeks I have had a number of symptoms that resonate with my first pregnancy.  Tiredness & Morning Sickness, meh!  I was overwhelmingly tired during the first few weeks and I was literally falling asleep at my work desk.  The nausea started around 7 weeks and although it has started to ease off I am still getting bouts of sickness at random times throughout the day.

I've had the usual sore boobs, and have felt quite a lot of stretching around my stomach.  I've started to show already and have had to invest in a few pairs of maternity jeans.

Cravings - So far I haven't had any cravings as such.  Salt & Vinegar crisps were/are my go to when I felt / feel sick, they seem to take the edge off.  I've not really been eating too much in the evenings as over the last week or so I've felt really sick whilst cooking and it's put me off.  I find that if I eat lunch I'm too full / bloated to eat dinner.

We are so excited to welcome this little bundle and Oscar can't wait to be a big brother.  Everyone that comes into the house is shown the picture of his 'brother or sister'.  He's been incredibly cute, he tells me he will share his stuffy (his favourite cuddly toy), and that he will give it cuddles and bottles.  Although I am delighted to be giving Oscar a sibling I also feel quite emotional about it as my baby will no longer be the baby and i'll soon be splitting my time and love between two.

We obviously don't know the gender and we have decided we won't be finding out, this baby is team yellow and we're looking forward to a surprise.

Come follow me on Instagram where I'll be sharing lots of snaps and more regular updates!  If your going through your own pregnancy journey don't for get to say hi and let me know how your getting on too!

Kirsty x


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  1. How exciting. The first trimester is always the worse with the sickness 😔 Hopefully your feeling a lot better now xx


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