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Blogging is big news these days, if you haven't started a blog then who even are you? ha! joking aside, blogging has become something of a phenomena.  When I started my first blog way back in the year dot it was difficult to find anyone who understood or even knew about blogging.  My first blog was about card making, one of my many hobbies (I no longer do!).  I loved the fact people were sharing their work online, and I was in awe of their creations.  This is where my love for sharing online started.  About a year after I discovered card making blogs I came across fashion and beauty blogs, after a while I shifted from card making to fashion and beauty.  I have to admit fashion and beauty, although I love those things never really felt comfortable for me.  I often felt like I was in limbo and I didn't really enjoy it so much.  In 2013 when I fell pregnant with my son I found mummy bloggers, and I found my niche!  I can write about parenting and mummy stuff, I'm living it so I can share real life thoughts and experiences.  My blog has evolved into more of a lifestyle blog and I am now enjoying sharing other aspects of my life too.

Despite it taking me so long to find my niche I have always stuck with it because it's something I love doing. I've met some lovely people, made some real friends but above all I have created a scrapbook of memories to relive forever.

I would urge anyone to start a blog, don't be afraid, jump right in, you never know where it could lead!  Here's my guide / thoughts / tips on starting your first blog.  There's also a free Blogging & Content Planner available for you at the end!  

This is really important.  Blog about what you know, what you enjoy and ultimately what you want to share.  It really shows when you blog about something you love or enjoy.  Blogging about something because you think you should or you think it will make you money or get you some freebies will never work out in the long run. Money making can be made in any niche, remember there are consumers for EVERYTHING!

When you first start out I would recommend using a blogging platform to get started.  You may want to self host, however it can be quite a lot of work and if you don't have a lot of tech experience then it could prove costly too!  I use Blogger, but many people use Wordpress, either of these platforms are great.  I believe that Blogger is an easier platform to use, however Wordpress have some better options for adapting your site and upgrading.

Once you set up your blog your going to want to publish some content.  You may already have a head full of ideas, that is brilliant, be sure to write them all down somewhere so that you don't forget.  In order to keep your audience coming back you're going to have to keep the content flowing.  Work out how often you want to publish, be realistic and try not to overwhelm yourself.  In the early days of blogging many people have so much to write about that they post daily.  Be careful not to burn yourself out!  One of my top tips on content is to recycle it!  Just because you wrote it last week doesn't mean you can't share it time and time again.  Keep a list of 'evergreen' posts and their links and schedule them to go out a few times a month, this works wonders for continually driving traffic to your blog!

If you want your content to be seen you need to be hitting the social sites and telling people that you exist.  As a newbie google searches may not always bring your content up first so you need to build some traction.  If running too many platforms overwhelms you then pick one or two that you enjoy and work at it.  There are lots of amazing scheduling tools that can help you schedule content so your not getting bogged down with manually pushing out content throughout the day.

Much like getting social you will need to engage in the community!  Whatever you blog about there will always be communities for your niche.  Whether you choose to blog about parenting or beauty, fishing or golfing there will be a community.  Join it, start chatting to people, comment on other blogs and vlogs.  Engagement is a huge factor in how successful your blog will be.  Set a side sometime every day or every few days to just comment and engage.  It will serve you well in the future.

If you're just blogging for fun and you're not interested in building up your followers or social engagement then planning may not be for you.  However, if you are serious about blogging and you want to grow your blog into something more then I would highly recommend getting yourself a plan. Planning can help you stay focused and on track.  With so much going on day to day and on social media it's easy to get distracted, having a written plan is really useful for pulling back your focus and keeping you on track.

So now you've go the low down on the basics all you need to do now is get started.  I've put together a free beginners blogging and content planner for you all to download and use.  If you'd like your FREE Blogging & Content Planner simply pop your email address below and the planner will be on it's way to you!

Get your free Planner here:

Happy Blogging! Kirsty x

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