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Over the last few months I have steadily been gaining weight, pushing myself into a deeper hole of misery and not doing my health or mental state any good.  I'm definitely an emotional eater, some people can't eat when they feel naff, me on the other hand, I'll end the snack drawer in half an hour. With that said, I do have a breaking point, once I reach it I endeavour to do something about it.  Here lies another problem, I only stick it out until I start feeling comfortable again, I never seem to be able to take it to the next level and push past my comfort zone.  I've now gotten to the point where I am sick of that too and so now I am really trying to stick this out and hit my intended goal weight once and for all.

I joined Slimming World back in July last year, it was a week before my holiday and probably not the best time to join.  I thought joining before hand would be a good idea to just get me over the line and started but after returning from holiday and not needing to be 'slimmer' for anything I lost all motivation, what is wrong with me.  As I continued to eat my way to December, doing no exercise and suffering with sad days I knew I needed to make the change.  My best friend had joined Slimming World just before me in July and she had lost an incredible amount of weight and was looking so good.  If only I had stuck in!

Christmas day came and went and I just felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, looking at the pictures I was disgusted!  As soon as Christmas and New Year were over I took myself down to my local class and signed up! I am feeling really positive and determined to succeed with Slimming World this time AND in my first week I lost 4lbs, it was definitely the motivation and boost I needed to go on.

I am really enjoying following the plan because it doesn't really feel like I'm following a plan at all. I'm mainly eating the foods that I did before, however, I've started cutting out the junk and exercising again.

If you read my recent post on busy mums losing weight (read it here) you'll know that I have started reviewing an online gym class website called FLEX.  I am currently doing 1 class a day, focusing on HIIT workouts.  I really enjoy doing HIIT, not only is it quick (20-30 minute workouts) but it burns fat super fast.

In my first week on Slimming World I have eaten so much food, yet I feel great!  Here's a few examples of what's been on my plate ...

BREAKFAST - (L) Lean back bacon, scrambled eggs and toast | (R) Wheetabix & grapes 

LUNCH - Baked potato, tuna, eggs, ham, salad, pickles & gherkins 

DINNERS - (L) Homemade chips, eggs, tuna & salad | (R) Grilled chicken, cous cous & salad

The homemade chips are my favourite, these are known as a 'free' food which means you can eat as much of them as you like.  There are so many things on this plan you can eat that would typically be known as bad foods on other plans.  I think because I am not limited in my choices of what I can and can't eat it's so much easier to follow.  I am going into week two and I am excited for weigh day already.  I really want to hit my first half stone this coming week so I am really focusing on my speed foods (fruit & veg) to fill up my plate.

I'm really enjoying the exercise too.  I came off plan slightly today as it's my birthday and we nipped along to Costa for a coffee and cake.  I didn't want to go all out eating all manner of crap because there really is no need.  Thankfully my husband is an awesome cook and cooked up some mean meatballs, all from fresh (almost) free ingredients, the parmesan isn't free and needed syn'd, however my portion size was huge and was only 3.5 syns.  I'll be posting that recipe up shortly.

I've decided to set up an Instagram specifically for my Slimming World journey so as not to clutter up my blog one, so if you're on a Slimming World or any other weight loss journey and are looking for inspiration/motivation then please come follow me - @kirstysw_journey

I'll be documenting my progress here regularly, weekly/monthly I'm not 100% sure, but i'll have it all under one category for an easy find.

Please leave me links to your blogs, Instagram's or Facebook pages if you too are on a journey as I'd love to follow you!

Kirsty x


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  1. Congrats on getting started - that's the hard bit. I need to lose the last of my baby weight and am looking at Slimming World as the food always looks amazing. Is it easy enough to get your head around without too much faff? Well done on the HIIT workouts. That alone will do wonders for you!


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