Sunday, 15 January 2017


It was my birthday on Saturday and if you know anyone or have a birthday in January you'll likely know that everyone is skint, no one wants to go out and in general it's a pretty crap month to have a birthday. However, in saying that I'm getting older and a birthday isn't such a big deal, not like it is when your a child.  I wasn't too fussed about doing anything OTT.  Instead I decided that I'd like to go for a wintery walk in the forest. The snow had fallen over night and it was looking lovely.  We set off to the forest around 11.30am and I was sure that Oscar would love to explore and play along the way.

Oh boy was I wrong!  He was tried, he'd been up since 7 and was edging towards an afternoon nap, but he usually perks up when we head out and I thought he'd be fine once we got there.  On arrival at the forest I asked if he wanted to walk or go in his buggy, he opted for the buggy, fine.

About 5 minutes into the forest he wanted out, so I obliged.  Two minutes later he requests a bosie (a cuddle, he wanted me to carry him).  He's getting too big to be carried around and he's heavy, it was slippery under foot and I wanted to enjoy my walk not lug around the toddler so I declined and told him to get back into the buggy.  This was not the answer he wanted and so he turned into the devil child!  The forest was busy with other walkers and people were passing us frequently.  Oscar decides to launch into a full melt down, screaming, kicking, refusing to move and wouldn't allow us to put him back into the buggy.  It was delightful. After a good 2-3 minutes of trying to reason with him we decided to abandoned the forest for the sake of everyone else who came for a peaceful walk and we headed back to the car.  In the midst of his tantrum he managed to lose a glove, this just tipped him over the edge and I can honestly say that it was the worst tantrum I have every seen him throw, it was pretty epic! 

Once we got back to the car he wasn't pleased to be leaving! Sometimes you just can't please them! We decided to head to Costa for some coffee and cake, god knows we needed that caffeine! Of course once we got there he was good as gold!  I didn't get many snaps this week, these were the best of a bad bunch.  Regardless of his devilish behaviour this weekend I'll still treasure these as magic moments, I'm sure I'll look back on this one day and laugh.

The rest of my birthday was wonderful, after filling up on coffee and cake we did a spot of shopping and retired home for a cosy night on the sofa with Saturday night TV and my favourite home cooked meal courtesy of the husband.  All was not lost!

Kirsty x

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  1. If you just looked through this at the photos you would think what a lovely walk you had - so sorry it didn't go so well! I remember having a similar birthday where Athena, at about 2 and a bit, had an epic meltdown in Costa. Not fun! I'm glad it improved x

  2. Happy belated birthday! I love your photos, and the snow, how magical (despite the tantrums) I have a feeling Oscars are a naughty bunch - I've got one too!

  3. Gorgeous photos, sorry your walk didn't go to plan, such a shame :( X #livingarrows


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