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I first came across the Living Arrows linkup after reading about it on Kerry Conway's blog, I really love the concept behind the linky and it was enough for me to jump on board.  Living Arrows focuses on celebrating childhood, something I think is so important, especially in an age where childhood now resonates with playing on iPads, being online and having the latest phones and apps available.

Just today I spoke to my husband about his childhood and what his memories of playing were, to him and I, playing was venturing outside with your friends, arranging a time and place to meet, climbing trees (him, not me) and staying out until dinner time.  There were no phones, internet or fancy iPads and playing outside was simply just fun.

Although Oscar is well versed on the iPad and can probably navigate it better than I can I still want him to have a childhood where playing outdoors is the norm.  I'm making it my mission this year to get him outdoors more, playing with real toys more and truly understanding the fun of childhood play.

My dad bought Oscar his first trike for Christmas and I'm sure it's going to be well used over the coming months.  We took it out on Saturday for it's first whirl around one of our local play parks.  It's January and we live in Scotland so you can imagine that it was rather cold, however the air was fresh and crisp and despite the cold temperatures the park was full to the brim, children enjoying themselves, running wild all the while the mummies and daddies counting down the minutes they could retire to the park cafe for a hot cuppa and a fine piece (aka cake).

Up until about a year ago I wasn't one for going out on cold days, I'd rather have sat in the warmth watching catchup TV and drinking copious amounts of tea, but something changed and I've come to love getting outdoors and even more so in the winter.  The air seems fresher and cleaner and theres just something about being out all day and then returning to a cosy home.  I think I'm probably just getting old!

I'm thankful that Oscar loves being outdoors, the excitement that fills him when he sees the play park in sight is enough to make my heart combust with joy for him.  He loves the chutes, the swings and of course climbing. He's adventurous, care free and fearless.  I love watching his little face light up as he runs from one thing to the next, 'come play mummy' he shouts and another little piece of my heart escapes me.  He loves to see the other kids play and although he can often be a little bossy with them (embarrassing), he'll pick out the ones that are being the most boisterous and want to copy them. 

We spent a good while in the park on Saturday, our noses were red and we could hardly feel our hands but he had the best time.  When it was time to leave there were tears, tantrums and bribes!  Our adventure for the day ended in the cafe, which by the way is lovely, if your local to Aberdeen, you must visit the Hazlehead Park Cafe.  We ordered coffees and sandwiches and watched from the window as other families arrived to enjoy the crisp air and cold hands.

If like me you have lots of captured moments and don't really know where they belong, join in with living arrows and give those memories a home.  Join us for another living arrows adventure next week

Kirsty x

Living Arrows


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