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Come January we're all feeling the effects of Christmas, our waist lines have expanded, our chins have doubled and 9 times out of 10 we're all seeking some magic diet to help shred the pounds we have so easily gained. As working mums, stay at home mums, any kind of mums it's always hard to find the time to fit in exercise, eat well and still maintain a home, feed the kids and stay sane but it is possible. 

I have to admit I'm not one for going to the gym, I go along and I'm not going to lie, I spend half my time gawking at the gym buffs lifting weights and feel self conscious about my lack of effort.  I have great intentions but my memberships usually expire 12 months later and I can count the amount of times I've been through the doors.

About 3 years ago I dropped two dress sizes in one month and I never entered the gym once, instead I did all my workouts from home.  This was the perfect solution for me, I didn't feel embarrassed or self conscious and I was able to do it around my own schedule, heck I even did it in my bra some days!  I followed the 30 day shred and that was when I discovered HIIT workouts.  Although it seemed like hell at the time, afterwards I felt blooming amazing.  Once you get past the first few days it soon becomes addictive and you begin to look forward to that workout.

Back in December I was contacted by Matt, founder of FLEX, an online hub of gym classes that you can do from the comfort of your own home or anywhere for that matter.  I was instantly intrigued, as a lover of working out at home this seemed right up my street.  FLEX offers over 300 classes a day, around the clock, so you can choose to attend a class at anytime to suit you.  They offer a huge variation of classes from HIIT to Dance to Strength and Conditioning and even Pre and Postnatal classes for expectant and new mums, awesome!  All of this for £4.99 you can even try it free first with their 30 day free trial.  Membership can be cancelled at anytime, no contracts, absolutely no obligation, making this the perfect gym membership I've ever seen!

I've been reviewing FLEX and I can say that it's pretty impressive, I've already taken a HIIT Class, a Beginners Pilates Class and a Cardio Barre Workout with Dumbbells which has been my favourite so far! I am really keen to get into yoga and there are lots of different options available on the site, it's next on my list of classes to try!

Getting started and making the time can be the hardest part but if you really want to make the change then you need to find a way!  We can all make excuses and find a reason not to exercise, but if you really want to achieve that beach body in time for summer start now!  Here's my top tips on getting fit despite always being busy!

Start the day with exercise

Where possible workout in the mornings.  If you start your day with exercise you'll feel more awake, energised and ready to take on anything that comes your way, your workouts also done for the day and you don't need to think about it again!  If I leave my workouts to the evening it's more than likely i'll skip them.

Get up half an hour earlier and while the kids are having breakfast squeeze in that HIIT or Pilates Class - no excuses!

Plan for it! 

Get yourself a calendar or diary and set aside some time to do your workout, if you were to book an appointment somewhere, the hairdressers, the nail bar, or even the doctors you'd make sure you turned up, do the same with your workouts!  If you only have 20-30 minutes spare then use it! There are plenty of ways to exercise, from home, from the gym or by simply getting out for a run.

Don't tell me you don't spend a good 20-30 minutes at some point in the day aimlessly scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest, we CAN all make the time somewhere in the day.

Do what you like  

Exercise, although it can be hard should also be fun (to some extent) and you should feel some sense of achievement when it's done.  My biggest tip is to do what you like.  If you enjoy running do that, if you enjoy dancing do that, if you enjoy weights then do that!  Doing what you like and enjoy it is more likely to get you going than signing up to do something you don't particularly enjoy.  I don't enjoy running so I avoid it and get my cardio through HIIT workouts instead.

Rope in your friends 

Working out alone can be lonely and if you can workout with a friend then it makes it a little more fun, a little more competitive and can really get you through.  If you know someone who you can buddy up with then go for it, motivate each other and hold each other accountable.


Don't shoot me for this one, but sometimes it's got to be done! If you can't find any quiet time around the kids and you can't get a sitter then maybe it's time to use a little bribery!  If I am trying to get 20-30 minutes peace I'll allow my little one some time on the iPad, or i'll make a deal, once mummy's done, we'll do something fun like head to the park, do a messy craft or get the face paints out.  I'll always provide snacks too! 

You don't need a gym membership

I've already touched on this, but you don't need a gym membership, you don't need any fancy equipment to workout, and there a plenty of home furnishings (e.g. a chair, the stairs, the floor) that you can work with that will get your heart pumping and those calories burning.  Any space you have is good enough for a little home gym space.

Do it for YOU!

Most importantly do it for you! Do it for health, well being, the mind and ultimately feeling GOOD! We all at some point, whether knowingly or not lose ourselves a little bit after becoming mummies, now's the time to pull it back and own it once again! 

I hope you've found these tips to be a little bit motivating, no go for it!  

If you interested in joining FLEX then why not give the 30 day free trail ago, or you can enter to win a 6 month membership over on my Facebook page.

Kirsty x

*I have been gifted a 3 month free membership to FLEX in return for a honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and I would never recommend anything I wouldn’t use myself or recommend to family and friends 


  1. Wow, this looks really good! I cancelled my gym membership in December so might need to take a look at this if I'm going to fit into my wedding dress in September! x

  2. Really love this and want to get in to exercise at home myself so havw picked up some great tips here , thank you !! Xxxx

  3. I really admire your motivation. Two dress sizes - wow! Really well done.

  4. some excellent tips there, although I think my biggest problem would be motivating myself but when my older kids were smaller I used to just get them to join in with me and they loved it so it made it fun :) x

  5. This is such a great idea if you like working out at home. x


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