Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 GOALS

Happy New Year!  Here we are at the beginning of another new year and with that comes new goals, fresh ambition and a huge cup of motivation!  I love the beginning of a new year, I am always so ready for a clean slate and this year is no different, however, this year I have started off on the right footing and I feel so positive and motivated about my goals for 2017.

I have decided that 2017 will be the year that I step up my blogging and youtube game and start to make some sort of living from my passion.  I've had my blog and youtube channel for a few years now and whilst it has always been a hobby there was always a small part of me that imagined I could do this full time.  I am really bad at self doubting and I know that it has caused me many failures in the past, however I feel like the time is right and I am ready to tackle any self doubt that may creep in!  So without any further rambling here are my 2017 goals for Blogging, Youtube and Life:

1.) Organisation
This year I am getting organised.  I have spent most of December working away in the background, making lists, planning content, researching, studying and preparing to be organised and ready to tackle January.

I have implemented a few things over the last few weeks which will help keep me organised and in control going forward, for example in regards to my blog I have set up a content calendar, a blogging schedule and a proper structured 12 month plan.  I'm feeling good about this! 

2.) Minimalism
Throughout November and December I began the decluttering process and started looking into minimalism. I feel 100% better when there is less clutter around, and in all honestly I only ever use and wear the same things over and over so there is no real need to be hoarding so much superficial things.  I will be making a more in depth plan on how I'm going to tackle this over the next few months, I'll be starting with my wardrobe and I'll be working on having a capsule wardrobe which will minimalise the amount of clothes, shoes and accessories that I need.  Come back for lots more on this in the future.

3.) Health & Wellbeing
Like most people I always start the new year off on a diet and this year won't be much different, however instead of focusing solely on my weight i'll be focusing more on my health, and in particular my mind.  I'm starting a beginners yoga class this month, as well as introducing more exercise and meditation to my daily routine.

4.) Home, DIY & Decor 
This year is the year we dedicate to our home.  We have lived in our house for nearly 3 years and although we have done a tiny bit of cosmetic work, we haven't really put our own stamp on it yet and so this year I want to spend the first half of the year saving, making small changes where we can and then the other half of the year working on some bigger projects like the Kitchen, our Living room and the Bathroom.  From there everything else will come thereafter.

5.) Finances
Although this is number 5, it's probably one of the goals that I will start work on immediately.  My husband looks after all of the bills in our home usually, however, there are some things such as our Sky, Electric, some monthly subscriptions and the like that could really be trimmed down.  I'm going to look at ways we can be super savvy with our money and find ways to save every spare penny we have.  

How I plan to achieve my goals

This is a whole other post in itself which I will pop up onto the blog in a few weeks, but for each goal I have broken it down into more manageable goals which will help me achieve each one step by step.

I love goal posts, it always interests me what other people are striving for and I often find a few that I hadn't thought about but would like to achieve myself.  If you have any goals for this year please leave them in the comments or link your goal posts so I can come and take a look at them myself.

Kirsty x

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