Sunday, 25 December 2016


For the third year running we are having Christmas at home.  I absolutely love being at home, it's not something I thought i'd enjoy as we always spent christmas with a huge amount of family.  Since having Oscar though things are different and nothing beats being at home, being relaxed and just enjoying the day without having to go out and about or worry about who can have a drink and who cant.

This year my mum and brother are coming for dinner and so I wanted to create a worthy centrepiece for my table.  Last year I bought candle rings for the table but this year I wanted something that would fit in with my rustic / shabby chic theme too.  I struggled to find something that didn't cost the earth and as I'd already spent a small fortune on Christmas I decided to check out Pinterest, get some inspiration and then just do it myself.

This worked really well as I actually had a lot of this stuff already.  I picked up the brushed glass candle holders and the bowl candles from poundland, a total of £3 for them all.  The decorative candle rings were my centrepieces last year and were from Primark, they were £4 each and they had similar ones this year too.  The wooden board is actually a plaque that I picked up in Home Bargains about 2 months ago, I just flipped it over and took out the picture hooks that were attached.  The church candles are from Asda, these are always available but again I already had these from last year.  I think they retail for around £4-£5 each.

To create the centrepiece I flipped over the plaque (decorative side down) and then placed a selection of the brushed glass candle holders, the bowl candles and the church candles along the board.  I played around with them a while until I was happy with the layout.  In the end I only used one pack of the brushed glass candles.

Once I was happy with the candle layout I then began detaching the cones, leaves and faux berries from the candle rings.  I cut the pieces off individually and again began placing them onto the wooden board around the candles until I was happy with how it looked.  It really was that simple.

I am so pleased at how it turned out and how inexpensive it was.  I saw similar centrepieces online for around £30, this cost me a total of £8 as all I bought was the wooden plaque and the candles from poundland.  I will definitely be giving this a go next year.

I am so happy with the final look and I feel like it fits in well with this years table settings too! 

Merry Christmas one and all! 
Kirsty x


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