Tuesday, 18 October 2016


For a little while now I have been looking into teeth whitening, but in all honesty I am petrified of the dentist. It takes me a week to build myself up to go for a check-up and I also have quite sensitive teeth. I've looked into having them professionally whitened but I've heard that this can make your teeth even more sensitive, pair that with already sensitive teeth and I'm guessing the result can't be good.

A few weeks back I was asked if I would be interested in trialling a new teeth whitening mouthwash. I was really interested in the product, 1. because it's a mouthwash and there are no scary dentist visits required and 2. because it was convenient.  I decided to go ahead and give it a go.

CB12 Whitening Mouthwash is the latest product to be launched by CB12 itself.  Originally CB12 started out as a mouthwash to combat bad breath, 50% of the population (apparently) suffer from bad breath, ewwww! CB12 claim that their products keep your breath fresh for up to 12 hours.  That's a pretty bold statement. Whilst I don't suffer from bad breath (I hope not), their newest product is targeted at whitening the teeth over a two week period whilst still keeping your mouth fresh!  Sound's like a great product.

I have been using this product religiously as per the instructions and here are the results:

As you can see there is most definitely a change in the colour of my teeth and I am delighted with the results! Each morning and evening I have been brushing my teeth as normal and then swirling the mouthwash around my mouth for 60 secs before spitting it out.  I was really skeptical about this product before I started using it but as you can see it works!

I have used several mouthwashes in the past and this one really did keep my breath and mouth feeling fresh for longer.  I can't say that it worked for 12 hours as obviously you eat and drink throughout the day but my teeth definitely felt cleaner.

CB12 is available to buy from Boots and is currently on offer at £9.99, usually £15.  I will definitely repurchase this product as I have got into the way of using it and I genuinely like how fresh and clean my mouth feels after using it.

Do you use any other products for teeth whitening?  I'd like to get them a little whiter, please leave your recommendations below.

Kirsty x

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