Wednesday, 24 August 2016


People often say you'll never understand until you become a mum yourself.  Before I became a mum myself I use to think that was such a cop out thing to say, but, since having Oscar I can now fully understand and people the truth is, until you have kids, you'll never truly understand! Here's 5 things that motherhoods taught ME!

1. Unconditional Love - It's often said that the overwhelming love you feel for your child the minute it's handed to you is unreal. Yes, yes it is!  The minute I held Oscar in my arms and looked into his tiny face something changed.  A feeling of overwhelming love for one little being over ruled everything and NOTHING in this world would stop me from loving and protecting my boy. It's a feeling you can't describe, a bond you can't fathom, but it's love, unconditional love!

2. To respect my Mama - growing up I always thought my mum was too strict, she was always trying to ruin my fun, telling me off, what did she know?  Little did I know she knew it all!  My mum and I have been through some tough times, and our relationship hasn't always been great, but I know one thing, she loves me unconditionally.  Since becoming a mum I truly understand her why's and now I get it!  Despite our ups and downs I have noting but respect for my mum, I admire her, I am proud of her and I love her! 

3. Patience - before kids I was pretty selfish, I didn't have to answer to anyone and when your not in the mum club your patience for and with other kids is pretty low.  Once you have your own, you somehow, miraculously master the art of patience.  Don't get me wrong there a days I have to count to 10, 30 times but for the most part my patience level is pretty hight these days.

4. Not to judge - I use to visit my friend and think why is her kid running around the house wrecking the joint and she's letting him, I'd think why is he throwing food on the floor and she's not giving him into trouble.  I judged!  Now, I'm probably that mum, no I am that mum!  If motherhoods taught me anything it's to never judge another mother because give it a few weeks, months, maybe years but you'll be doing those things you said you'd never!

5. To be grateful - Along with unconditional love comes gratefulness.  Each night I look at Oscar sleeping and I feel so grateful to be his mama, I feel grateful that we have been blessed with the opportunity to be parents and I look around and think, nothing else matters in this world except him and our family.  I really don't need anything else in this life and for that I am grateful ( a bit deep but that's exactly how I feel).

What's motherhood taught you? I'd love to know, leave a comment below and tell me with one thing motherhoods taught you.
Kirsty x



  1. Your Mama loves and respects you too. 💗 You learn real life when your a mum, you learn to compromise and the little things we used to moan about..mean nothing!! You give your all and all you want in return is to see your babas, happy and healthy. Now thats 💗

  2. I now fully understand the saying 'i would give my life for my child'. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I would give my life for my munchkin!! I also know how that same little person can push you to your absolute limits of sleep deprivation, patients, happiness and guilt!!!! But you wouldn't change them for the world xxx


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