Thursday, 23 January 2014


So the real reason I abandoned the blog for so long .... I'm Pregnant!!!

If you follow me on twitter or Instagram you may have already seen the above picture.  The husband and I are over joyed and cannot wait to welcome our little baby into the world.  With our big move to the new house in less than 8 days things couldn't have come at a better time.  I've known for a while now and it's been so hard keeping it to ourselves.  We had an early scan at 8 weeks as I wanted reassurance that the little bean was actually there, it was amazing to see a tiny heartbeat and the little bean wriggling around!  We've since had our 12 week scan (picture above) and all appears to be fine.  We had to go back again today as the baby was moving around in all the wrong positions and they couldn't get any proper measurements, little monkey!  It was still being awkward today, and although they did manage to get some measurements and said that everything was ok, they offered us to come back in 2 weeks for extra reassurance, of course I said yes, I can't wait to see baby again! 

Over the last few weeks I have been so tired and achy that I just didn't have the energy to even switch my laptop on and blog hence why it has been so neglected of late!

(If your not interested in reading the baby posts then feel free to skip on, I will be sharing my journey with you all, but I will still be sharing beauty, accessories, fashion and life posts too!)

How far along?  I am currently 12 weeks and 6 days (according to today' scan)

Feeling - In the first few weeks I was really tired, and this has continued, overall I have been feeling generally well.  I have been completely off my food, and as i already have IBS some foods that I was able to eat before now do not agree with me! In the last 2-3 weeks I have been feeling sick, and sleep has been broken due to the many toilet breaks in the night!  More so in the last week I have been feeling slightly agitated when I go to bed and feel like I need to stretch my legs out constantly!  It sounds delightful doesn't it!  All that aside I am enjoying pregnancy, and I am so grateful everyday that we have been able to conceive naturally, and we are very thankful for that!

Weight Gain -  I have actually lost 1lb since I was weighed at 8 weeks at the midwife, how? I have no idea, possibly down to the fact that I have been off food and not eating much other than dairylea dunkers, rich teas and soup!  I know that's not healthy but it's all I can stomach, although things are picking up!

Bump Watch -  I now have a nicely rounded pot that is literally growing by the day, although still a little flabby feeling (or at least I feel it is).  I will pop up bump pics next week!

Missing - I am missing pate and crackers, I would love to eat that with caramelised onions but unfortunately it's off the list :(

Mood/Emotions? I've generally been feeling happy and excited, although I have had a few days where I have felt a little down in the dumps for no reason, but they haven't been frequent.  I also find that I cry at most things these days, even something as ridiculous as adverts!

Looking forward to - Seeing the baby again in 2 weeks, moving house and making a start on the nursery plans, I've been pinning stuff to my Pinterest boards like mad, so many ideas!

I do plan to also make some more Youtube videos on my pregnancy, I followed Hannah Maggs and found them really great to watch, I'll maybe have my first one up in the next few weeks, but I am moving house next Friday so please bare with me!

Kirsty x


  1. Aww, congratulations! My sister just had her baby last week and he is adorable. Good luck!

    Sophie xx

  2. Ahhhh, congratulations Kirsty! I'm so happy for you. This also explains why I haven't read much from you lately ;)


  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you!! I'm so excited to read about your journey to motherhood! :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. Congratulations!! I love to read and hear about people's pregnancies, so please post up lots of photos/posts.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  5. Congratulations! I will eat lots of pate on your behalf. I'm nice like that. ;-) xx

  6. congratulations on the amazing news!! We love that you sound so happy and we can't wait for more pregnancy updates!!

  7. So sweet. Congrats!

    Feel free to check out my blog

  8. Thank you for all your lovely comments x

  9. Loving your blog! Congrats on the little one! I missed pate when I was pregnant too! I wasn't bothered about not drinking, but I was pregnant at Christmas so pate and good cheeses were out of the question!

    Looking forward to reading more from you

    Jenn | PhotoJennic



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