Thursday, 5 September 2013


September is upon us, 5 days in already and I am so excited about it!  September is my favorite month in the year.  Whilst I enjoy the sunshine (and it still seems to be hanging on in there) I much prefer the colder nights, snuggled up in my onsie, with a massive mug of tea watching xfactor.  September is also the month I got married and so for me this makes it even more special.

This month is going to be a good one, mainly because it's my first wedding anniversary but secondly because the hubs and I will finally be putting our little shoebox (house) on the market.  I cannot wait for the shoebox to sell, although we have lots of happy memories there its time to get something bigger.  We want to start a family in the near future so this is all part of our "grown ups plan".  I am looking forward to seeking out properties and viewing them, I am also looking forward to spending my days on pinterest looking for inspiration and dreaming about how I can transform my new palace.

I also launched my YouTube channel on the 1st of this month,  I was so worried about doing it and admittedly my first video is a little bit cringe, but if I hadn't taken the plunge I would still be filming videos over and over and I would never have posted.  So far the feedback has been good.  I plan to upload a new video every Sunday, I want to get some routine about it initially until I get into the way of things, so please check it out and subscribe :)

Lastly I would like to say a big, huge, massive Hi! to all my new GFC friends and all of my lovely new Bloglovin followers and not forgetting my already faithful followers.  I have found some fantastic blogs via the comments that have been ;efton my recent posts, so please keep leaving me your links!  I love to visit them all!

Right, I'm off now, I'll leave you with some lovely Autumn pics that I took from  They make me feel all warm and fuzzy! Enjoy!

Much Love
Kirsty x


  1. Really lovely images! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. xx


  2. I love autumn but I am sad Summers over :(

  3. How I love September too, plus it's my birthday this month so it makes it even more exciting :) I love all the Autumn photos you put up :)

    Rebecca Coco

  4. I love september to! I love getting my boots and warm jumpers out :)

    holly xxx

  5. How funny is it that your September is the complete opposite of our September down under. Must be an exciting time for you to start getting ready for the cooler months to come. I'm so so excited about spring and summer and finally getting to spend time outside under the sun.

    All the best in finding a new home. The renovations look great so I'm sure you and the hubby will be able to sell the place in no time! Happy anniversary to the both of you.

  6. I'm missing summer already. :-( I'm not a big fan of September because it means it's all over. Although October is my birthday month so I have that to look forward to (or dread). I love that squirrel pic - so cute!

  7. These pics def make me feel all warm and fuzzy, you've chosen some great images. Good luck with the house hunt, you'll have the best time redecorating! x

  8. oh my god those photos are dreamy <3 I've loved this post

    ordaining serendipity

  9. loved this post!
    hope you have a great autumn :D

  10. Really lovely post and the pictures are lovely too.

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


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